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Company Facts:
Tawhiri Power LLC, a jointly owned subsidiary of the Apollo Energy Corporation and EFS-G LLC, is a independent electrical power producer with facilities located at South Point on the Big Island of Hawaii and corporate offices located in Foster City, CA. South Point offers an area with exceptional trade winds which are strong and consistent, lending this site as one of the best in the world for generating electricity using wind turbines. Tawhiri Power LLC has built this southern most U.S. wind farm with financing provided by GE Energy Financial Services and equipment provided by GE Energy.

The Pakini Nui Wind Farm is a 21 MW facility located near South Point, HI (Google Map). The new facility is located some 7 miles down South Point Road.

Construction of the wind farm began in August of 2006 and was completed in early April, 2007. April 3rd 2007 marked the first day of commercial operation. 14 GE 1.5 MW SE turbines are used to deliver nearly 21 MW of electrical energy to the local power grid.

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